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The first time I ever had my now-husband over for dinner, my kitn sink started leaking everywhere! I was in such a state of panic, but luck had it that he was a plumber! He crawled right under the sink and fixed the issue without even hesitating. The next morning, I got a knock on my door: There he was with a brand new garbage disposal to install. When he told me he had pet insurance for his dog, I thought it was the sexiest thing ever. Respectful, honest, AND responsible? Sign me up for that!

We were having great conversation and connecting really well when I made an offhanded joke about serial killer Elizabeth Bathory. I was nervous that he: 1 might not know who the hell Elizabeth Bathory was, or 2 would know who she was and be concerned about my true crime fascination. But in turn, he laughed so loudly and followed it up with his own Ed Gein joke.

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Guess what my favorite book is? He came into the bathroom, wiped my tears, and compassionately and tenderly rinsed my hair and washed my body.

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He gently toweled me dry and laid me down in bed so I could rest. The next time I saw him, he had made them into matching bookmarks since we spent so much time talking about the books we were reading. I had to have jaw surgery during that time, but we were both too anxious to wait any longer.

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Our first date was a week after my surgery and my eks were HUGE! He thought it was cute and took me out on frozen yogurt dates for a while since I couldn't eat solid food.

We've been together for almost five years and have one child!

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On one of our first dates, we ended up staying up all night. We didn't want to leave each other, so he invited me to his house - but he warned me that his mom was sick at home.

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When we first got to his house, he rushed to his mom's side to make sure she was comfortable, not in pain, and had everything she needed. They say you should look at how a man treats his mom to see how he will treat his wife.

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This is the moment I started falling in love. On our second date a few months later, we went hiking and made food for each other.

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I made him a turkey sandwich without tomato because I remembered he doesn't like them. He made me a ham sandwich with onions.

My husband wooed me with onions.

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Needless to say I was on alert, but reluctantly agreed. He showed me around his apartment and I saw his guitar.

He picked it up and started playing 'Flake' by Jake Johnson, which is one of my all-time faves. I excitedly told him that I loved that song, and he confessed that he had asked my cousin what music I liked. Needless to say, I took him off the market and we have been married 11 years and counting.

Without saying a word, he drove me three and a half hours back to my hometown so I could say goodbye.

The combination of a stressful workday, an argument with my parents, and getting confused with my food order it was in a different language culminated in me having a panic attack in the middle of the restaurant.

Instead of running away or being embarrassed, he turned to the waitress and said that he would eat whatever came out of the kitn and proceeded to hold my hand until the attack faded.

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Biggest green flag I ever experienced and we're still married a decade later. When I told him he was about to forget his shirt, he said, 'I wore two!

We've been together almost a year, and I still think it's a very sweet gesture. He stays outside until I pull away, and even insists on clearing snow off my car in the winter. I knew he was a keeper because my dog loved him and he was usually skittish of everyone.

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I knew I loved my boyfriend when, on my dog's last day, he showed up with Chick-fil-A nuggets for him. My parents always joked that they would never get me married off if I kept doing it. It happened multiple times on my first date with my now-boyfriend, and he told me he thought it was adorable.

They are fed up of their husbands watching sports all the time. ating housewives just want to feel wanted again and spice up their sex life. This is the great thing about dating married women, you don't have to pretend you are looking for a serious relationship.

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All you need to do is make them feel like a woman and fulfil their sexual fantasies. What are you waiting for?

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Married Women Looking For Affairs.

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