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Are you single and live in El Paso, Texas? El Paso - although not the biggest city in the Texas and New Mexico area - has a good combination of younger adult singles in their 20s thanks to the University of Texas in El Paso and older, over year-old singles. Like Ali G says, ck it! Legendary Tipsy Tiger George Dieter Dr : great bar for singles who want to drink, have fun and meet new people. It gets pretty packed during the weekend nights but this actually makes it easier to chat to new people and pick up some singles.

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This same principle works well in the offline world as well. If you attend concerts of your favorite artists, you already have one thing in common - the same kind of music taste.

Just keep an eye on your favorite artists tour sdules or look for bars which have live music - there are plenty! Are you into gym, yoga, meditation, boxing - any sort of social fitness activity where you see a lot of new faces?

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You should consider starting a hobby like this, a couple of reasons:. It basically means that when you see the same faces regularly, you start liking each other more and more. Just keep your eyes and ears open and be ready for small talk when you see that cute gym-goer. Common interests are a great start for dating someone and especially for relationship or marriage.

Have you tried Tinder? Just join Match. Also if you feel that your soul mate is not in El Paso, why not expand your search to other cities as well?

Just start expanding your social circles and who knows if your new acquaintances or friends can introduce you to someone a couple months down the road. Think about the long term benefits of networking and just expanding your social circles! Actually, according to studies, smaller cities are better for singles who are looking for a more meaningful relationship whereas singles in the bigger cities tend to just drift from one relationship to another. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Not for long - get ready to get your single status destroyed! Meeting girls is only half the battle and you will need to know of some good romantic restaurants and cocktail bars for your date night.

Plus fun activities to do during the day will also get a mention. There are a few good areas for singles nightlife in this city where you can usually find a good party. Of course things will be a whole lot wilder on the weekends.

Downtown near Union Plaza is probably the main spot to try and hook up. You can find some of the best clubs here as well as plenty of bars.

In El Paso, - is the ideal place to flirt, get to know each other, maybe even go on a date. You couldn't get any closer to Mexico than El Paso, so there's plenty of sunshine to explore. Stroll round the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens or take your date . Apr 19,   Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars. EPTX at El Paso Plaza, George Dieter Dr. Malolam at N Mesa St #2. Epic at N Stanton St. Later Later at N Coldwell St. Whiskey Dick's at George Dieter Dr (Vista Del Sol) Little Bit of Texas at Doniphan Dr. Pershing Inn .

This is where you can meet college girls in El Paso to try and get laid, at least during the school year. Dyer Street also has quite a few venues to choose from, if you are traveling through town book a hotel in one of those areas to increase your chances of hooking up.

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You will find a variety of types of bars here, some offer country western music while salsa dancing is popular at others.

There is also some wilder nightlife over in Juarez if you are feeling really adventurous, or for something a little safer try to pick up single ladies in Dallas.

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Some guys prefer to head out on foot during the day to see what they can find. Other guys just prefer to live their day to day life but still try to take advantage of any opportunities that they come across. If you walk past a sexy single woman you might as well say hello.

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During the school year hanging out around the UTEP campus would not be a bad idea if you wanted to try day game. Or meet single girls in El Paso at malls or in shopping districts like:.

The internet really has changed the world in many ways, dating and getting laid included. Some guys still prefer the traditional pick up methods like going to a club or approaching a stranger on the street. They certainly still have their own advantages when it comes to meeting girls near you but a true player usually uses all of the tools at his disposal.

From a speed and efficiency point of view there is no better value for your time then online dating. Meeting women during the day can take forever and often ends up with nothing, nightlife is no guarantee either.

But online dating is the current speed dating in El Paso and you can send out so many messages that you are bound to get some replies.

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We all know about the best dating sites to meet our future bride, but what about when we just want to hook up and have some fun? Adult Friend Finder is the answer if that is your goal. This site is all about getting laid, not about finding a wife.

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