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If one person heeds my advice, I'll feel that my comments have made a difference. In August of last year I foolishly signed a 3 year contract with Great Expectations because of the high-pressure salesmanship of the agent. These contracts are not ap. They claim to have a higher caliber of person on their roster and I believed them.

I wouldn't know, since I have not met ONE of them. I really feel as if I have been ripped off. Phone number. Get Directions. Claim your business to immediately ate business information, respond to reviews, and more! Skilled Attraction. Show all. Matchmakers Near Me. Find more Matchmakers near Great Expectations. Yelp,and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Log In. Sign Up. Home Services. Auto Services. Great Expectations Unclaimed.

Add Photo. Photos and Videos. Get directions. Recommended Reviews. Search within reviews. Sort by Yelp Sort. Methinks not. I've experienced better. I'm a fan.

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As good as it gets! El Cerrito, CA. First to Review.

Meet Using Dating Great Expectations Dating Fairfield California classified You can find men or women who have posted Great Expectations Dating Fairfield California requirement specifying that they wish to meet singles for specific dating requirement via PMB dating classified. Thereby helping you meet singles quickly (vice versa Great Expectations Dating Fairfield California you can post.   Not So Great Expectations: Dating Site Returns Thousands For Lack Of Dates. Great Expectations, Inc., Encino, California (operates franchises in Encino, Los Angeles and Upland). 5 reviews of Great Expectations "it is a high end dating service the price is in the thousands, and they will use very high pressure to get you to go for it. they are nice enough. they quote 1 out of 5 will say yes to contacting you on average, I see about one out of I remember that there was one lady that was on '7 on your side' or something like that that was trying to get her money back 1/5(5).

Useful 2. Funny 1. Good J. Palm Desert, CA. Useful 7. Funny 5. Cool 2. Pro Tip: Before hiring any matchmaking service, ask the matchmaker if the company has ever done business under any other name. Less than reputable companies will sometimes change the business name to disassociate themselves from negative online reviews, or when too many consumers file a complaint. For more crucial questions to ask your matchmaker before signing a contract, ck out this article on how to hire a matchmaker.

The Great Expectations Matchmaking Process All of the individual dating services follow the same general formula - member profiles are created and placed in a database, and either the matchmakers or members can peruse the database to find compatible singles. Which brings us to Great Expectations Dating Service Lawsuits Several lawsuits have been filed against Great Expectations, including those initiated by the states of ArizonaWisconsin and Washington.

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Click here! Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Get Started Now. I'm a woman, take me to the site for women!

For example, Great Expectations Dating Malibu California in the UK, popular destinations Great Expectations Dating Malibu California are Russia, Latin America, and Japan. Some agencies also boast of their presence in exotic countries, such as Kenya, Morocco, Thailand, Great Expectations Dating Malibu California etc. Our Your Area Matchmaker Team offers Personal Matchmaking to Quality Singles in Your Area. No Blind Dating. No Winking at Strangers. Great Expectations Dating Duarte California, dedham hook up clubs, free gay dating near bloomington ca, matchmaking reviews in chantilly virginia. Just chatting. More text here. Browse by Country. Stop waiting, start dating! Start Communicating. Send a message or .

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. What's your current relationship status? What country are you in? Previous Next. What city would you like to find dates in? Which city do you live in? What kind of relationship are you seeking? What's your current age? How old are the youngest women you'd like to meet?

How old are the oldest women you'd like to meet? Sign In Register Preferences. Tue, Nov 8th pm - Mike Masnick. If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Somebody has to ask. Were the women in question like big fat ugly sweathogs that nobody in the civilized world would even talk to much less want to date? Mike profile8 Nov pm. The article claims the judge said that they were "intelligent, well-spoken and attractive professional women.

Patrick8 Nov pm. Man, why don't these women just find me and buy me a car. I can be a good little man-whore and they can keep me in a manner I want to become accutomed to. Anonymous Cowar 9 Dec pm.

Either that, or they were probably only selecting men half their age and not even close to the same type as them. Or simply not picking anyone at all and just 'hoping' someone will pick them.

Anonymous Cowar 1 May am. I would rather be a fat ugly sweathog with a heart and some empathy for people, than someone like you who must think that the outside means everything!!

Good looks and good bodies definately go away as you age, don't know what planet you're living on it's inevitable. I hope you find that person of your dreams because of what they look like, and that never changes It's a person like you that I dread to meet on on-line dating Anonymous Cowar 6 Jul am.

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The women were ripped off because it's a scam. I myself am an attractive, educated professional woman who paid thousands for men that didn't exist because they showed me fake photos etc.

I went on ONE date. They submitted my profile with typos even though I did not include typos I am a freaking tear. They lied and promised marriage, saying they were Christian etc.

Then they closed shop and there went my money with them. I hope karma pays all of those liars and scammers a visit. The consumer office of CA did nothing to help me because they are "franchises". Yonatron8 Nov pm. Yes but shouldn't a scam like that be covered by existing laws in the vein of "don't scam people"? Seriously, why is there any member of a legislature who thinks it's his or her business to decide what the maximum possible value of a dating service is?

This is a Topcom select brand. Its score is based on multiple factors such as users' choice and feedback, brand popularity and our overall evaluation Great Expectations Dating Eastvale California of the value of the brand. This score is meant to help you make an informed purchasing decision and find the right solution for your needs.

That's hurty on the brain. Anonymous Cowar 8 Nov pm. Robert Martin9 Nov pm. Testosterone poisining, that's what it is. Women, unlike men, are raised in a culture that STILL often teas they will find their "completion" in a relationship with a man. And for some people, male and female, their "other half" never shows up.

These poor women will pay any price if it holds the prospect of "true love," because they are so indoctrinated. That's why the law is needed, to prevent exploitation of the cinderella myth. If Great Expectations had paid me a couple of hundred, I'd have serviced these ladies, and GE would've kept a tidy, secure profit. They were hoping to avoid meeting slobs like you.

I was ata party a couple years back and talked with a girl who worked at one of those places. It might have even been GE. Anyway, she said the clientele tended toward a couple of architypes. The guys were nerdy engineers and lawyers who had busted ass for years to have a decent salary and were now looking for a young hottie to validate their professional success, but were too socially awkward to approach women on their own.

The problem with that was, hot young chicks don't need to pay a dating service, they already have more attention than they can handle. The female profile tended toward professional women who had achieved managerial success to the point where they had priced themselves out of the mkt.

They all wanted to marry guys who were more successful than they were, but the guys who were that driven and successful were picking up their potential trophy wives without 3rd party help. She said very few clients ever got what they joined for because objectively, nobody had very realistic expectations of their actual mkt value.

A lot of the times nobody even got past the video viewing stage. Craig9 Jun am. Unhappy TN customer8 Jan am. You people don't understand the kinds of scam tactics GE uses. I am currently fighting legally for a refund for services not yet rendered which they owe me under state law and refuse to honor.

Their sales pitch is riddled with lies and inaccuracies, they take your financial and govt. It is business fraud plain and simple, and I am prepared to argue in court that they are in violation of a number of clauses in the deceptive and unfair business practices of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act. Why don't you have a look at www. I only wish I'd found out sooner.

Mike Murphy14 Jan am. They have signed off on this point, and additinally, have agreed to allow my counsel to review the contract prior to signing up. The answer then becomes yes, to get out a couple times a month, with singles, it would be worth it. So, as long as they stipulate in the contract what I want to see, then I think it is good to go. I'll let you know how it turns out. Les Lyons27 Apr am. I just signed up and have until Friday night at midnight to ask for my money back, under the hr rule.

I haven't found good feedback so far! I'm an attractive yr old male with a great personality according to male and female friends, who are encouraging me NOT to do this! I'm torn GE keeps calling me, but I am going to pass. I am an attractive 36 yr old blonde professional, but I ended up linking to GE when I went on a site 'claiming' to be a singles mingle coordinating club. Kathy15 Aug pm. Wow, I can't even believe this site. I found the staff to be extremely helpful and kind.

I am a 45 year old, attractive brunette and am so grateful to GE. I had almost given up on finding an intelligent, articulate, funny, kind man. I would recommend it to anyone. It did take some time and all of my dates were not wonderful, but at least I had a pretty good idea of what to expect by seeing the photos and videos first before meeting them. I also attended several events and met some of my now dear friends.

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It was really a win for me across the board. Tom14 Sep pm. My interview with GE was not the best.

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In my mind I was thinking, I can buy a car for this amount. Of course, I said no. I said, "okay, let me think about it. Kristine31 Oct am. Wow 6 months for I left my job of two years as a store manager and was told that they were downsizing I have a special needs child and Christmas is around the corner.

I think death sounds quite attractive right now I am an X sales person. I sold alot If I can help you with inside knowledge I will. I left a store manager job that I held for two years so I am out more that 5K!!! I hope you got out I paid the same amount. Never had a video made, never had access to the site and have been barred from their site.

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The state they do business in has no 3 day right of recision. But there is hope there are cases on the web where they have been sued successfully and a full refund was given.

I hope you got out while you could. I am going to go down fighting but I am prepared to lose. Laurie18 Jun pm. I'm looking at going to the office in Scottsdale next Wednesday to possibly sign up. So, your experiance was good or bad? Ral Brooks21 Mar pm. I'm thinking about writing to the AG to get the terms of my contract renegotiated-while I realise it's a contract I do think that I should be able to re-negotiate it but not cancel it. What kind of legal rep did you get?

Contract Law? Personal Injury? I'd like to find an attorney to represent me. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Nunya3 Apr pm. What did you ever end up doing? I found some info.

Arizona Revised Statutes covers dating services contracts. From the information I have read via online complaints and what I experienced when I had my appointment, the contract you signed may be voidable under Arizona law.

ARS Sections:,and are the statutes to look at. If you don't know how to view the text of these statutes, let me know. Experience with GE. I went on "Freeze" to stop the charges to my credit card for monthly services in addition to the 4K. Their creepy pushy photographer was a con-artist as well.

To be fair they contract work out to their photographers who are trying to make a living as well. Often the case, this is the first time clients have had their pictures taken in a studio since they were in high school.

So if the photographer tried to sell you photos, dont be upset. Also, people with little, or no self esteem never seem to like pictures of themselves. Mike Lloy 29 Apr pm. I just had teh intial interview today and a price wasnt mentioned.

Im intriqued but cautious at the same time. Any words of widom? I will tell you why. Kristine I worked there. What is the normal charge for this 'diamond' package. Prices are all over the map for GE.

The main thing you ought to know is that this allegedly highly selective group of people is not nearly, and that you can get the same thing on Match. Ask if you can get a trial period and see what happens. They're all about the hard sell and their game is "Gotcha!

E 10 May pm. On top of that the online option is additional! They provide no service, no help no nothing. I'll have my attorney look into it and tell me what to do. Don't even consider subscribing to this service. Try Match. Paul17 May pm. Lifetime membership with no monthly dues.

Lots of promises but not all of it was put into writing. I was told that the employees work on salary and do not work for commission. Finding out this may also be false. I wish I would have done my homework first. This is far more expensive than the rest of what you are paying Looks like it is time for me to cancel I am glad I found this web page I had no idea about any of this that I am reading They claim to have thousands of members I have no idea Thanks for the info I am still within my 72 hours to cancel The only way we were paid was commision.

I gave up a job as a store manager of two years because they promised me a job. Worked there for 30 days and they had to let me go due to company cut backs. If I can help you let me know. Monica19 May am. I worked for Great Expectations for more than a year, and I also believe it is a complete rip off. First of all, the employees DO make commission, and a lot of it. It is quite understandable considering employees are stripped of all morals There is not just one flat fee.

The background ck is really a credit ck to see how much they can get you for. Most don't use the service and even more don't find love. But for those of you looking to get a refund, I do know it is very difficult to do so. There are so many legal loopholes that GE has discovered over the last 30 years, it makes it virtually impossible to break your contract and get any type of a refund. To those of you who have had bad experiences, I truly am sorry.

Arizona also prevailed in their lawsuit against Great Expectations, where the dating service once again had to pay fines and restitution totally $, in And in Washington state's lawsuit, Great Expectations settled by agreeing to pay $37, in restitution to affected customers, as well as a $5K civil penalty and court costs to the tune of $47, This is a Topcom select brand. Its score is based Great Expectations Dating Moreno Valley California on multiple Great Expectations Dating Moreno Valley California factors such as users' choice and feedback, brand popularity and our overall evaluation of the value of the brand. This score is meant to help you make an informed purchasing decision and find the right solution for your needs. Ripoff Report on: Great Expectations Dating Service - Great expectations dating service ripoff redwood city california.

I know I had a very bad experience with them, and they were paying me! I can only imagine how hard it must be!

Keep your head up, and move on with your life. You cannot be happy dwelling on the past. And if you signed up for a dating service, obviously you are single and available, so it will take some time, but love and happiness will find you! Hey former employee from former employee. I left a job to work for these people. I was a store manager for two years.

I was working for GE for 30 days and was let go. I was making my sales and getting along with everybody but just brought into the office and told that there was company cuts. Isnt there usually a hiring freeze? I have a special needs child, Christmas is coming and now have no insurance. I feel so stranded. They made me alot of promises.

They gave me no notice to find a job or even a heads up and I turned down at least five jobs I too am a former employee of GE. DO NOT let yourself be suckered into this service!

This is a big CON game! You will be charged anywhere from 3 to 6 thousand bucks for merely nothing. The 3 to 6 grand is only the price of signing up. Don't forget to fork over another 20 dollars a month for online service unless you want to haul your tukas to their library during business hours only for computer use.

That so called 'background ck' consent form they have you sign when you walk in the door to make you feel 'safe', is nothing more than a credit ck to see if you even have the funds to be there in the first place. The final straw at this company, was when they encouraged me to sell a premier membership to an elderly gentleman with terminal cancer.

I can't believe this place is even still in business. Try one of the less expensive on line services. I hope they shut this place down soon. It is a company that preys on the lonliness of people and most often at the location I was at, elderly people at that. Rotten to the core! Kristine4 Apr am. As a former employee I just want to back Cassie percent Angela7 Jun pm. You have that right. I left a job of two years as a store manager. Just today they had to let me go after 30 days.

I have a special needs child and now have NO benefits Christmas around the corner. I just want to die. Now that is a bad business decision.

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I feel so stupid. Anne7 Jun pm. Honestly people in my opinion.

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Let me lay down the situation. I have never tried GE but I do know people that both work there and are members and I have witnessed more than 3 engagements in the last year through GE.

Also if you are going into the service thinking that you a 55 year old men deserve a 27 year old female. Seriously, think long and hard about it. If you are dumb enough to get ripped off then that is your fault. Besides why does everyone always look at the glass half empty and not ever half full. Pissed off26 Aug pm. You are a dumb fucking cunt for thinking this is legit. Fuck you bitch.

GE workers and believers should all end up in purgatory. Fuck you cunt for your fucking beliefs. Now I hear all of the complaints but Im gonna have to agree with Anne. Think about it. If you are actually on a dating site looking for love through a computer screen Get off your home office chair and take a walk. Try hmmm the park? GE is exactly what it is. A service that puts you in contact with other people who have paid to be in contact with you.

If you cant find a date maybe you should re evaluate yourself and your approach. Are your pics bad are you too picky referring back to self worth does your shirt in your profile make you look like a hobo? Consider lonely for life an option not Great expectations!!!

Maybe you should try a lifestyle counselor ala starting over or and image consultant at your local Macy's. Don't put out trash and expect to receive gold in returntrash attracts flies kids.

If you do decide to try a service start with a success rate did u know marriages result every single day through GE? Pricey as they can be the do produce results, just keep in mind what you are bringing to the table.

If you know youre socially inept, not pleasing to the eye, with bad breath and no sense of fashion what so ever maybe you should scratch that mom says I can do anything mentality and hop on the closest transit or in your shiny new benz whatever and visit the land of reality ck.

Go fucking Shhhhhh yourself cunt. You're an asshole. You should know better than to give whipped advice. You are too stupid to understand people are humans.

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Humans make errors. Like you posting your stupid shit right above this comment. I understand, it was Human Error and you didn't mean it. Well, GE doesn't understand humans make errors. They understand that when you sign your name, that money is already spent via commission and salary. Shyyyyyyy call equifax and ask.

Great expectations dating pleasanton california

Dee Dee25 Jul am. Some people just join any kind of dating service and think that everyone is going to pick them and that they are going to me the person for them in 3 months and will be married within a year. It doesn't work that way. Many people who aren't any serious relationships have eithered spent the last years working on a career or trying make a series of bad relationships better.

In either case they definitely have not learned the proper skills to make great relationships.

Then no matter what dating service they join they think they can continue to either be anti-social and work on their career OR continue to pick people that are wrong for them by looks or habits but since they are in a service then everything will change.

Then they blame whatever the service it is from match. They never once consider the advice given them by the dating service. Phil and Great Expectations has staff but they won't listen. So when they continue having bad results it's always someone else's fault. My friend gives her first date a list of all the things they must do on the first date. But the service she meets these guys from just has a bunch of lame men and she is going to cancel at the first chance she can get.

I've told her that she can't do this but she told me that they have to know up front that she won't take any mess. She scares them off and then wonders why all men are all the same and never call her for a second date. You guys no I'm telling the truth because you all have that friend just like I am describing.

You can clearly see what they are doing wrong and they won't even listen to you. Hey, you too, mother-fucker. They are stupid fucks and so are you. This company sucks and the employees should just kill themselves for working for "trail of dating tears" money. Ever heard of blood money, bitch? This is Tear money.

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So, if you don't understand this Scott9 Aug pm. I'm still in my 72 hour grace period though. During the "interview" I felt as though I were being pitd. Having previously been in sales, I was familiar with all the mind games salesmen play, yet in my trusting nature i bit anyway. My "interviewer" said he was on salary and his background was in marketing and psychology. I know he was lying upon telling me this. Don't believe me?

Go to CareerBuilder. I have to say, they have very good training for their sales staff. I'm now stuck in a delima. I would like to use their service because I do believe quality individuals can be found there but I don't enjoy feeling like I was sold something, no one does. Buyers remorse I suppose. It doesn't seem like a scam, just a little shady.

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I've yet to find any positive blogs or reviews praising GE other than those "canned" reviews that I'm sure GE has pushed out. So, do I spend the and see if they offer what they say or save my money for a much needed vacation? Miss Daisy15 Aug pm. I say save your money. There a a lot!! As for GE how can anyone be sure how many members there are? I worked for them until yesterday. They sold me a job. I left my store manager position of two years. It gets better I wanted to help people find happiness I am the most unhappy because I lost everything in a soft economy.

Smart Person20 Sep am. Do you think a company could be successful for over 30 years if it didn't work? I've worked for GE and know that the only people who don't have success, have that problem because they are not realistic. If you are a 55 year old man, don't pick only 25 year olds and expect to have 10 dates lined up. With thousands of members, if you can't meet someone through GE, ever think maybe YOU are the problem? I met my husband through GE. My aunt met her husband through GE, and I know hundreds of others with the same story.

People who come to GE, complain, and want a refund just realize that they are still in the real world, and no matter who you are, it's not easy to meet someone great. At least with joining GE, you have a better chance. It's a numbers game.

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After working here, I realize why most people are single. So change your attitude and be positive and you might just meet someone. No doubt GE works for some, but their sales tactics are high-pressure to the hilt. At the end of two hours you're forced to make a decision amounting to several thousand dollars with no trial period or chance of a refund. You're offered substantial discounts off of a highly inflated price, being told "it's only good for tonight. They play to your weaknesses, and flatter you as well.

But you must join now, so you do. Finally, after the photo and video session, you get onto the site and soon realize that this "selective" group is very small and consists of few you're even interested in. Then the sinking feeling comes in, that you have blown a major wad, and all you can ask is "how did I do this? I don't. I am going to try to negotiate a settlement with GE, as I haven't been in for very long, but I'm expecting it to be difficult. They appear to be sharks. It's been my most expensive lesson yet in the school of hard knocks, though hardly something you'd think an organization would be proud of.

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Please let me help you. I worked for the company until yesterday. My husband is angry with me, I have a special needs child and Christmas is around the corner.

Death looks really attractive right now I was making my sales and still they did this to me 30 days later. So I am basically out 32K a year until I can find a job in a soft economy. Kristine, it sounds as though GE's specialty is making people feel stupid about themselves. I guess the consolation is that we receive an invaluable lesson in the school of hard knocks.

In the short time you were at GE did you hear of any customers attempting to get their money back? Everyday that I was there and practically every person who bought a package We would sit and flirt with the guys and tell them how great they were I hope to find a job in my field soon.

Cindy12 Oct am. I tend to agree with most of the compliants, signed a contract 2 years ago for They showed men that would be interested in me. After I signed the contract they were all inactive, imagine that. I realize now it was all a scam, won't fall or be that stupid again.

Don't recommend to anyone.

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