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Things started to get a little steamier in the second episode when she hooked up with Derrick, but he only made a move when elimination was on the line, and since hooked up with his ex Angela again.

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Jasmine finally seemed to get another chance at love when her ex, Marco, showed up, and they flirted for a minute before he was, once again, distracted. He seems into her, but also like his attention span is only so long, but at least they're keeping things friendly for the minute. We knew the second that Alicia showed up, it was going to mean drama. She already had a history of hooking up with pal Derrick, earning her hate from Angela, and dating both Andre and Cory, meaning Taylor didn't want her anywhere near the house.

After her first round, she left on bad terms with pretty much everyone - but now that she's back, she finally got Cory to talk to her and admit that he does actually still have feelings for her.

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Considering she admitted to still being in love with him, we'd be surprised if she was totally ready to move on, but we've got a good hunch she might also be down to find love or lust in the house with someone else, if only to make Cory jealous. The good news, at least, is that she and Angela finally talked things out and squashed their beef for good.

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The bad news is that a similar move seems impossible for her and Taylor - especially after Taylor hocked a loogey in her direction. Can she win back overy Cory or are they really done for good?

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Cameron showed up to the beach as Taylor's ex, but the two were actually cool with each other and more than happy to be adults about the situation, at least at first. It didn't hurt that they'd only broken up because of Taylor's other ex Andre, who'd already entered the house and gotten the boot.

But that didn't mean he wasn't going to have problems with other people. Both Victoria and Skyler were immediately interested in him, despite the fact that he didn't return either of their affections Victoria's, like, aggressively so.

He did note that Faith was cute, but he didn't seem to have an interest in any of his housemates really.

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That is, until his ex Shanley showed up. We sensed plenty of mistry still there - and thought it might be time for Cam to confront the feelings he'd previously run away from.

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Though he was pretty salty about Taylor hooking up with Cory and how "easy" she is, he got rightfully called out by Shanley and then they managed to, uh, "hug" it out. One of the first exes to show up, Derrick's entrance made a mess. He came in antagonizing his ex Angela and her new man Tor'i, admitted he still had feelings for Angela, hooked up with Jasmine so he wouldn't get eliminated, hooked up with Angela again after it came out that Tor'i did body shots off Faith, sent his pal and former hookup Alicia packing basically the second that she stepped into the house, and then sent Tor'i home.

Angela was pissed at first, but she seemed to be warming back up to Derrick in that game of sexy truth or dare. He also briefly tried to ignite a new flame with Haley, but Chris caught wind and sent his ex home.

Now that the exes are back in the house for one last night, will Derrick spill the beans about him and Angela to Tor'i?

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Will he follow through on making that move on Haley? Or is he still totally caught up in the whirlwind of emotions that comes with having Angela as an ex? TBH, Lexi's a pretty uncontroversial figure.

She showed up to the beach because she had unfinished business with Paulie, who'd ated on her in the past, and the two basically picked up right where they left off. Sure, she was briefly willing to chat with Chris, who was super interested before either of his exes showed up, and that did piss Paulie off.

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But they seemed to have moved past that and were all love, all the time - until they were sent to the Shack of Secrets. Lexi went through Paulie's phone and found out just how bad his ating was, asked everyone to send her home, was spared the cut votes, and eventually decided she was able to move forward and let the past be the past.

Too bad we know that this pair is only set to go up in flames considering the fact that Paulie had already "transitioned" to the next girl IRL - and the girl after her. A bit of a party girl, Skyler came back to show her ex Chase she knew how to be more serious - and that she was ready to get back together.

But it doesn't seem that a beach house in an MTV show with nothing to do but drink was the place to do that. They gave it a shot for like a minute, royally pissing off Victoria who'd tried to call dibs on Chase on night one, before Chase realized that she was just as much of a drunk mess as ever.

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It seemed like she figured fine, she'd move on the Cameron, but she found herself butting heads with Victoria again - and this time without a crush vote on her side. Instead of letting Skyler stay to pursue a guy who straight up wasn't interested in her, Chase sent her home instead.

She came back to the beach for the final night still ready to give things another shot, but Chase seems like he's staying with Victoria - but we'll see. The couple hooked up, got together, Andre ghosted her after the show, they gave it another shot, and then he ated on her. And for bonus points, he continued to haunt her relationships, screwing things up between Taylor and Cameron down the road. When he came to the beach house, though, it was to get closure - and he pretty much did.

Unfortunately, he also got the door closed in his face when he was sent home by Taylor, her new boo Cory, and the rest of the crew. Now that he's back in the house, he's finding an unlikely ally in one of Taylor's other exes, Joe. Can the two cook up some drama before everyone goes home? When she showed up at the house, Chris immediately tried to paint her as a villain, insisting that she'd had sex with his uncle.

Moxie beach will offer high level training year round for beach volleyball athletes. Moxie Beach will bring professional coas to work with the community of beach players! An incredibly ambiguous phrase that drives me absolutely insane when people use it.   See who's hooked up, broken up, or made up as of Ex on the Beach Episode 10, "Return of all the Exes." MTV, Getty Images And yeah, things got a little crazy in the house.

A trip down to the Shack of Secrets proved her right when she insisted she didn't, but Chris only begrudgingly moved her from the enemy-zone to the friend-zone. And when his other ex, Haley, showed up, the two girls immediately had tension. After all, one girl had been dumped for the other.

But before there could be too many problems in this love triangle, Chris decided that the house had gotten too crowded and successfully smed to send lsko home. Now that she and Haley are back - and finally on the same side, united against an ex who played them both and sent them both packing - what kind of havoc is she planning to wreak? Honestly, this girl seems like she's kind of a saint.

Not only did she seem to deal with facing her ex's other ex-girlfriend with a decent amount of grace, she also didn't totally lose her s-t when, after sending lsko home, Chris accidentally kept using her name when talking to Haley. He seriously called her lsea at least five times - and somehow she was still down to couple up with him. Eventually, she started to be interested in Derrick who may come with his own drama, but at least knows her namewhich turned Chris against her and got her sent packing.

Poor girl.

She found a friend in lsko after all, though, and now they've united to support each other as they confront Chris about all the screwed up things he did to both of them. Will they get their revenge with the exes back in the house?

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June had a one night stand with Faith back in the day, then showed up to the house to see if there was anything there. The couple immediately hopped in the bath together, but after another episode, things seemed to be cooling off as he was more interested in his bromances than his romances. When Faith's other ex came into the picture, it seemed to remind him what he had and he made more of an effort to show Faith how he felt or at least that he was still interested.

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Together, they sent Marcus home, only for the spark to fade out once again. The house sensed the tension and sent June packing not long after - but Faith seemed convinced they'll still have something outside the house.

His frosty hello after coming back left Faith feeling cold, though, and we think these two might be done for good. He showed up for his ex Victoria only to discover that she'd actually ated on him during their relationship.

She gave him a peace offering by using her crush vote for him at an elimination ceremony, but also made it pretty clear that she just wants to stay friends. Unfortunately, he didn't make any new connections before Charles entered the house as a temptation, meaning Jasmine had to send someone home and Luis was the unlucky guy. Now that he's back, think he holds any grudges? Or is he just glad for a little more screen time?

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